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The delegates of the Pedagogy

Congress 2019 visited CNEURO
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The Cuban Neurosciences Center

Celebrated the closing of the year 2018, a few days after having celebrated the day of Cuban Science.
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Open Science

Open Science is an increasingly important component in scientific discovery
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Launch of the International Internships Cuba-Québec Program, 2019-2020.

Québec and CNEURO are launching the call for applications to funding short visits of students to be trained and work directly in the Lab of a host researcher in the context of a collaborative research project.
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Brainmodes 2018 in CNEURO

Vice Director for Technology

Raul Morgalo is responsible for the Center’s technology development strategies. He coordinates and oversees the Product Development, Production and Technology Services Directions.

Morgalo is an Electrical Engineer graduated from the Technical Superior Institute Jose Antonio Echevarria in 1981. He has the Biotechnologist Superior category since 1990 and joined the group that later founded the Cuban Neurosciences Center. He has an extensive experience and a decisive role in the center for both technical and business issues.




Who are we?

1     Our origins
The genesis of the Cuban Neurosciences Center (CNEURO) dates back to 1969 when the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNIC, for its acronym in Spanish) created the Department of Neurophysiology in collaboration with renowned foreign experts as Bjorn Holgrem, Ruth Urba, Thalia Harmony and Roy John.
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2     What do we do?
We are a High Tech Center committed with the protection of the Nation Mental Capital, which focuses its work to research in the field of neuroscience and the sustained development of Neurotechnology We have among our main objectives:
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3     Who are we
The Cuban Neurosciences Center, CNEURO, began as one of the first groups in the world that used computers for the analysis of the brain electrical activity. It is today one of the institutions dedicated to basic and applied research, as well as the development of high technology for the diagnosis and intervention of problems related to mental health 
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