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Director for Development

Tania is Director for Development since 2014, one of her functions is to ensure the development of medical equipment, software, supplies and other devices produced as a result of the research activity or the assimilation of technology and contributes to its introduction in social practice.

She enforces the quality system as well as the national and international regulations and standards related to medical equipment and software.

Tania is graduated as Computer Engineer from the Electrical Faculty at Jose Antonio Echeverria Higher Polytechnic Institute in 1992. She has the Senior Researcher and Assistant Technologist I Level categories. She is Masters in Neuroscience since 2009, specializing in Neurophysics and Neuroengineering. She has experience in developing hardware and software for medical equipment, project management and administrative leadership at different levels in CNEURO.

CEO and Co-Founder

As the General Director of the Cuban Neuroscience Center, Mitchell defines and drives the processes and strategies that will implement the Center. He is responsible for the daily operations and lead the development of products for Applied Neuroscience. He founded CNEURO in 1991, along with a large group of researchers and developers, and he is its CEO since then.

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Havana University and holds the Second Degree Specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology as well as holds a PhD in Science from the National Center for Scientific Research. He has been, since 1995, Head of the Cuban National Group of Clinical Neurophysiology of the Ministry of Public Health and professor of this specialty.

He is a permanent member of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, the Cuban Society for Neuroscience, and Honorary Member of the Spanish Society of Psychophysiology. He has received awards from the Ministry of Higher Education and grants awarded by the HFSP and the British Council.


Vice Director for Technology

Raul Morgalo is responsible for the Center’s technology development strategies. He coordinates and oversees the Product Development, Production and Technology Services Directions.

Morgalo is an Electrical Engineer graduated from the Technical Superior Institute Jose Antonio Echevarria in 1981. He has the Biotechnologist Superior category since 1990 and joined the group that later founded the Cuban Neurosciences Center. He has an extensive experience and a decisive role in the center for both technical and business issues.




Vice Director for Marketing

Tania directs the business activity at CNEURO. She develops commercial and business strategies for products and markets for short, medium and long term.

She leads the identification of potential trade and international strategic alliances for marketing, distribution and introduction of new products in the Center’s commercial portfolio. She is also responsible for the domestic market and coordinates the work with the Ministry of Public Health caring about the National Network of Clinical Neurophysiology, National comprehensive Programme for the Elderly, the National Cochlear Implant Program and the Audiology Network.

She is an Industrial Engineer graduated in 2000 at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering CUJAE. She has 15 years of experience in foreign trade activity in the sector of Cuban Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry.


Director for Production

He is the Production Manager and is in charge of the productive areas at CNEURO. He worked extensively in the area of product development specializing in the design of hearing stimulators for equipment like Audix and Neuronica and finally he worked on the design phase of the Universal Screening Equipment up to it registration at the Cuban Regulatory Agency.

More recently, he has participated in all the technological assimilation related to digital manufacturing and 3D printing in hearing aids and has contributed to the introduction of this technology into production. At present, he is involved in a project for producing dentures, orthopedic, etc. using 3D printing.

Ernesto is an engineer in computing machines, graduated from the Polytechnic Institute Jose Antonio Echevarria in 1992. He has the Technologist Level II and Research Added categories. He works in CNEURO since his graduation.