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The center has remarkable capacities for both basic and applied research, for the development of prototypes and products and to the production thereof.

Among them they are: 

  • Assembly of Neurodiagnostic equipment and medical accessories, and other equipment produced under OEM license: adaptable to various types of electronic productions with the equipment required for this areas. It has more than 20 jobs that can perform various tasks depending on the required activity.

  • Production of digital hearing aids: Production of various types of ITE and BTE using digital technology and 3D printing molds or shells. Mounting the electronic circuit in electronic assembly areas or controlled standards environment. About 60 molds for dentures and 15 BTE ITE housings prostheses are produced per day.

  • Machine shop: Equipped with technology tip and specialized high precision micromachining, the laser sintering additive manufacturing of metals, casting and molding, surface treatment and finishing, among others. It allows provide specialized services with high added value to third parties.

  • Monkey colony: Colony of non-human primates of 41 members for the study of cognitive processes and memory in animal groups established under development community, youth and adulthood.

  • Cleanroom ISO Class 7: premises for manufacturing and / or termination of own products, third party or under OEM license, which require a controlled manufacturing environment. Manufacture of implantable devices: middle ear implants, cochlear implants, implantable neurostimulators, etc. Specialized inputs are also made for Neurophysiology.

  • Magnetic Resonance Scanner Siemens Allegra: The center now has a team of high-resolution magnetic resonance (3 Tesla, the highest field with which the country), donated by the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, specifically designed to scan the brain. It is associated with the scanner has a cluster of Supercomputing and High Performance Computing (HPC).

  • Research laboratories / development of molecular biology: With furniture and modern equipment that allow the realization of microbiological and molecular biology techniques involving our research, and ensure compliance with good laboratory practices and appropriate biosafety conditions. The facilities currently have a capacity of 16 jobs for the various tasks performed by technicians and researchers.

  • Production of molecular biology: With current manufacturing capabilities for auxiliary solutions (backit and LEVKIT) and for assembling the parts and pieces that comprise 06 Product Guefast that meet national standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (Certification CECMED).

  • Laboratory of Molecular Biology Services: Provides specialized high value added for microbial classification or health institutions Cuban food and wine industry services. It has established protocols and expert staff to scan the entire genome of microorganisms by pulsed field gel electrophoresis.