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The Cuban Neurosciences Center organized, on January 19, the joint meeting between the Cuban Society for Neurosciences and the "Kavli Salon". The meeting continued on the 20th and 21st at the National Hotel on behind closed doors.

In this meeting, we had the honor to receive the most excellent teacher May Britt Moser, Nobel Prize 2014, in Medical Physiology and prestigious international scientists in the field of Neuroscience.

At the opening of this joint meeting, the famous teacher made a presentation entitled "Loss of Memory art / science", lasting 45 min and was accompanied by the excellent musicians of the Trondheimnesteter Orchestra of Norway and the Camerata Romeu from Cuba directed by Steinar Larsen and Zenaida Romeu directors of both orchestras.

At the ceremony, Dr. Pedro Valdés and Dr. Gyorgy Buzsaki welcomed the participants and guests at the CNEURO Theater, and also the President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, Ismael Clark Arxer.

In addition to the well-known Professor Britt, other professors offered lecture on the first day of the meeting and others continued the two days after the opening with interesting presentations.

  • Prof. David Tank, "Neuroimaging of Two Photons Using Stereoscopy".
  • Prof. Mark Churchland, "You should look before you jump, but you must be prepared before you move."
  • Prof. Mitchell Valdés Sosa, "Cuban program for the aging brain".
  • Prof. Luis Velázquez, "The Spinocerebellar Ataxia in Cuba".
  • Prof. Jorge Bergado, "Increasing neural plasticity".
  • Prof. Eddie Chang, "Human cortex of speech from sound to meaning".
  • Prof. Eve Marder, "Variability in Homeostasis and Neuromodulation in a Rhythmic Circuit".
  • Prof. Pedro A. Valdés Sosa, "The Cuban Brain Mapping Project"
  • Prof. Karl Friston, "I exist, therefore I think".
  • Pro. Gyorgy Buzsaki: "Space-time of navigation and memory".
  • Eva Marie Carlen, "Correlates of cognition in prefrontal areas"
  • Konstaninos Meletis,
  • Massimo Scanziani, "Cortical Circuits of Vision"
  • Kay Maxine Tye, "Neural Circuits Mechanism of Valence Encoding".
  • Leslie Vosshall, "Modulating Mosquito Behavior from the Inside Out".
  • Mumming Poo, "Using non-human primates to study cognition and brain diseases".
  • Dan Yang, "Neural circuits controlling sleep".
  • Jeffrey C. Magee, "Circuits mechanism of CA1 place cell activity".
  • Cori Bargmann, "Genetic regulation of behavior over short and long timescales".

Professors Michale S. Fee, Katja Brose, Maria Luisa Bringas, Rita Nielsen, and Peter Stern also participated.



The Kavli Foundation based in Oxnard California brings together prestigious and recognized researchers worldwide, including Nobel Prize winners and world project leaders. In addition, its main objective is to provide scientific advances for the benefit of humanity, to promote and support scientists in their work.

Scientists associated with the Kavli Foundation, among them the heads of brain study projects in the US and China, hold periodic meetings.

This foundation finances important and expensive scientific projects, it has created one of the most important Neurosciences Institutes in Norway and is the one that organizes the meetings for the development of investigations in the study of the brain.