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The genesis of the Cuban Neurosciences Center (CNEURO) dates back to 1969 when the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNIC, for its acronym in Spanish) created the Department of Neurophysiology in collaboration with renowned foreign experts as Bjorn Holgrem, Ruth Urba, Thalia Harmony and Roy John.

The Department was primarily aimed at ensuring the introduction of quantitative methods and the use of computers to analyze the brain spontaneous and evoked electrical activity. Based on the importance of research in this field and its great promise for the future scientific development of the country's The State Council decided to establish the Cuban Neurosciences Center, on May 11, 1990. Its main objective was to investigate and produce cutting-edge technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases.

Today, CNEURO is the largest institution of BioCubaFarma Group dedicated to developing neurotechnology and basic research based on the major mental health problems of the Cuban population. CNEURO’s investigations are oriented to medical applications and excecuted in coordination with institutions of national health and education systems.