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JUX Timeline


Creation of the Department of Neurophysiology at the National Center for Scientific Research.

The genesis of the Cuban Neurosciences Center (CNEURO) dates back to 1969 when the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNIC, for its acronym in Spanish) created the Department of Neurophysiology in collaboration with renowned foreign experts as Bjorn Holgrem, Ruth Urba, Thalia Harmony and Roy John.

First defense of PhD thesis related to Neurosciences at the newly founded CNIC

The thesis of Dr. Thalia Harmony, entitled ... .. was the first doctoral thesis defended at the newly founded and CNIC.

Transient CAT-400C Average Computer and X-Y Plotter donation by E. Roy John; coupling of the CAT-400 to a 14-channel polygraph and graphic registration of the first ABR in Cuba.

Since the ABR were not digitally obtained, but plotted on paper, for their digital processing was needed to visually digitize from the graph and then move the data manually, digit by digit, using the keyboard of a computer-201 in the Central Digital Institute Calculation Center, the precursor of the Central Institute for Digital Research (ICID, by its Spanish acronym).

Adapting the digital output of the CAT-400 to a tape punch donated by the CNIC.

This allowed to speed the evoked potentials digital processing, as it made possible to store digital data in punched tape (only mean available at that time), which replaced the laborious, slow process of digitizing.

Establishment of the Neurosciences Department at CNIC Removal of the Department facilities to Atabey houses. It becomes CNIC’s Neuroscience office. Creation of the

Because of the increase and diversification of the Department research work, the Neuroscience Department of the CNIC was established with the aim to improve and introduce designed technologies in the National Health System. The laboratories were set up at home in Atabey upgraded for this purpose and the first Special groups were created.

Approval of the syllabus for the medical specialty 1st grade Normal and Pathological Physiology (profile Clinical Neurophysiology) and designation of CNEURO as national coordinator of the training process of these specialists.

The center assists the training of medical specialists 1st grade in Normal and Pathological Physiology (Clinical Neurophysiology). As part of this work, it teaches and coordinates the entire process of Neurophysiology residents’ formation in the country, and their evaluation. The Center specialists also work as tutors for Thesis.

Production of the first systems to record ABR, Neuronica-2, designed in the Neuroscience Direction.

The first series were produced in collaboration with COPEXTEL and then a second series was produced in collaboration with the ICID. This was the first medical device designed in Cuba according to International electrical safety standard.

By decision of the State of Council of Cuba, the Neurosciences Center was created (as a scientific-production unit from CNIC) from the merger of the Neurosciences Direction of the CNIC and the MEDICID group from the Central Institute for Digital Research (ICID).

The Cuban Neurosciences Center was created on this date with the closed-loop design that characterized the centers of the scientific pole, Fidel Castro’s ideas. It aimed at research, production and marketing of advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases.

Creating NEURONIC Company S.A.

On March 4, 1991 by Scripture 121, NEURONIC SA is created, working as a dependency of the Neurosciences Center for the commercialization of technologies developed at the center. Its functions are to manage the negotiations, as far as imports and exports are concerned. Manage commercial and productive representations abroad and designing the center equipment marketing strategies inside and outside the country.

Obtaining Iberoeka Award for Technological Innovation

The Modular Neurophysiology System deserved the IBEROEKA Technological Innovation Award from the Board of Management Bodies of the Ibero-American Science and Technology for Development program. This system includes equipment and software developed by the Center for neurophysiological diagnosis (Medicid V, Neuronica V, Audix V, Panda, Phoenix)

Development of Biological Psychiatry 1st Workshop Cuba - United States.

The first Workshop on Biological Psychiatry Cuba - United States took place in the National Hotel with the participation of 120 scientists including 35 from the US. The subjects discussed were depression, Alzheimer's, images, schizophrenia, autism, addiction, anxiety and stress.

Development of the Brain Connectivity Workshop

The Brain Connectivity Workshop was held in Palco Hotel with 85 participants including 49 foreigners from 12 countries. There were discussed the following topics: anatomical connectivity, functional connectivity, Computational Neuroscience, physiological and anatomical Introduction. Experimental neuroscience. Theoretical neuroscience.

Creation of the Cuban Neurosciences Center (CNEURO) as subordinate to the State Council independent center.

January 1, 2005 under Resolution No. 7 CNEURO is created as an independent center subordinate to the State Council.

Visit of the Secretary of State for Education and Research in Switzerland

Charles Kleiber, State Secretary for Education and Research in Switzerland visited the center in order to identify potential joint research topics

Cognitive Neuroscience Workshop

Funded by IBRO and only for Cuban students, the Cognitive Neuroscience Workshop was organized by CNEURO. The venue was the CIREN Conference classroom. Attendees were from different parts of the country.

Celebration of the 4th Cuban Congress and First Iberoamerican Workshop of Clinical Neurophysiology

The fourth Cuban Congress and First Iberoamerican Workshop of Clinical Neurophysiology was organized and developed in response to the withdrawal of funds and the congress of the Latin American chapter. This event had the participation of researchers from over 20 countries and was held at the Plaza America Convention Center of Varadero. Specialists of the highest gave 16 pre-congress courses.

First Thesis defense for Doctor in Sciences (2nd PhD of Scientific Degree system of the Republic of Cuba) by Dr Pedro Valdés Sosa

In the theater of CIGB's was developed by Dr. Pedro Valdés Sosa, Deputy Director of Research in CNEURO, This time the work defended was an integration of his extensive and valuable scientific production.

Academic exchange between UCSF - CNEURO - MINSAP- TCD-Atlantic

On February 16-18, 2015 was developed at the Cuban Neurosciences Center an academic exchange about the possibilities of neuroscience for the evaluation, prevention and monitoring of cognitive disorders associated with aging. Participated in this exchange; Dr. Bruce Miller, Dr. Victor Valcourt and Dr. Joel Kramer, distinguished professors at the Memory and Aging Center from the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF). Dr Ian Robertson from Trinity College in Dublin as well as researchers and officials from the Cuban Neurosciences Center (Dr. Pedro Valdes Sosa, Dr. Mitchell Valdés Sosa, Dr. Maria A. Bobes, Dra. Chryslaine Rodriguez, Dr. Rosario Torres among others) and from the Ministry of Public Health (Dr. Ileana Morales Dr Alberto Fernandez Dry, Dr Juan Llibre, Dr. Jose Emilio Fernandez-Perez Arencibia Humberto Brito, among others). Also, there were present Christopher G. Oechsli President and CEO of Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation and officials of the PAHO office in Havana.