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We are a High Tech Center committed with the protection of the Nation Mental Capital, which focuses its work to research in the field of neuroscience and the sustained development of Neurotechnology

We have among our main objectives:

  • Perform, organize and conduct research in the field of neuroscience, from molecular and genetic levels to systematic levels and their interaction with environmental and social factors.
  • Epidemiological studies and develop new methods of early detection related dementias and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Develop methods for diagnosis and epidemiological studies on disorders of learning and behavior in school.
  • Coordinate the National Cochlear Implant Program for deaf and deaf-blind patients.
  • Develop new processing methods including neuroimaging brain electrical tomography methods of image fusion of different modalities (e.g. MRI and EEG) and methods to study brain connectivity.
  • Manage the national network of Clinical Neurophysiology laboratories, as well as health and education programs related to neuroscience.
  • Provide technology transfer services or products derived from our research
  • Provide training services and training through postgraduate courses, doctoral, masters and other academic activities in fields related to neuroscience.
  • Design, implement and conduct clinical trials related to research and neuroscience products.
  • Develop and produce medical equipment, specialized software and other resources for the neurophysiological diagnosis.