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The mission of the Neurophysiology Clinic of the Center of Neurosciences of Cuba is to conduct electrophysiological investigations to all those subjects and patients participating in research, with a high scientific and professional level as well as a high satisfaction for the subjects, patients and relatives. Guarantee teaching to residents and technicians of Clinical Neurophysiology in training.

Guarantee neurophysiological (specialized) clinical assistance in order to achieve excellence in health actions in our clients (subjects and patients).

1- Achieve high satisfaction of subjects, patients and workers, ensuring that all neurophysiological studies are carried out by technicians, graduates and medical specialists with high professional level and experience. Establish a work system that guarantees that the subjects and patients participating in research medical, meet the schedule established for their study.

2- Provide high quality teaching and scientific level to postgraduate students and neurophysiology technicians in training.
3- Protect the health of subjects, patients and workers by demanding compliance with the biosafety, protection and hygiene of work regulations.

Quality policy
The Quality Policy in the neurophysiology clinic establishes the commitment to provide services that meet the needs and growing expectations of clients in relation to specialized electrophysiological research, with high scientific rigor and human sensitivity.


The clinic has 6 laboratories with equipment for research and 2 consultations for patient evaluation. The available equipment is validated for use in adults and children.

Electromyograph NEURONICA 5

This team carries out studies that allow an objective knowledge of the anatomical and functional state of the muscles, peripheral nerves, nerve roots, plexuses, spinal cord, brain stem, cranial nerves and motor and sensory cortex.
• Studies of motor and sensitive nervous conduction
• Myasthenia test
• Wave F
• Reflection H
• Flashing Reflection
• Somato sensory evoked potentials
• Visual Evoked Potentials to Pattern and Goggles
• Auditory evoked potentials
• Potential evoked motor

Electroencephalograph MEDICID 5

This team carries out studies that provide objective information on the state of functional integrity of the cerebral cortex, facilitating the diagnosis, monitoring, and assessment of numerous neurological, psychiatric and neurosurgical pathologies. It also allows assessments of the patient's cognitive status, studies of sleep disorders, consciousness disorders and brain death.

• Conventional EEG
• Quantitative EEG (Brain Mapping)
• EEG with specific activation maneuvers
• EEG with sleep deprivation and napping
• EEG with polysomnography
• Continuous EEG in ICU
• EEG with Evoked Potentials related to events

AUDIX 5 audiometer

The equipment allows the objective diagnosis of hearing and vestibular system disorders, even in patients who can not cooperate with a behavioral exploration.

• Auditory and brainstem evoked potentials of short, medium and long latency
• Evoked potentials of steady state by air and bone