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The Neurosciences Center of Cuba (CNEURO) is an institution authorized to provide Postgraduate Support by the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) and holds the status of a Center for Lifelong Learning granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS).

All the activity of professional improvement, academic training and Scientific-Technical Information (ICT) that is executed in the organization is managed by the Teaching Department.
Among the Educational Offer or activities offered by the Department to be developed during the 2017-2018 academic year are:


MsC. Nancy Estevez Pérez

Postgraduate Training

Maestría en NeurocienciasDiploma in Neurosciences This Diploma corresponds from the theoretical and methodological point of view with the most current knowledge that in this branch of science exist and has all the conditions to prepare professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the problems studied in the field of Neurosciences, at the same time that its design guarantees the preparation for the development of research in more specialized areas with the corresponding social and economic impact for our country, by influencing education and health indicators, especially chronic noncommunicable diseases of the nervous system.
Escuela Internacional National School of Neurotechnology for Aging The school's main objective is to develop scientific and technological research in the field of neurosciences, through academic training (Masters, PhDs, Postdoc,) also provides for the development of Estancias, postgraduate courses, workshops and theme schools specific, for Cuban and foreign cursistas.
EventosOther educational activities  
• Specialized English language courses

• A Winter School program entitled: "Advances in science and neurotechnology for the aging of populations".

• Practical Training

For the successful completion of the activities planned in the project, the school has:
2 Computer rooms
1 English laboratory
All equipped with the most modern and cutting-edge technology.